Posted by Thiago Santana on 12:03
"Have you ever been so lost
Known the way and still so lost"¹

People around and you're alone
Love around, but you're alone
Friends close, but you're alone
Mom, Dad and you're all alone
A family, and you're all alone
This path leaves you lost and alone
This destination is completely yours and you will go alone
No problem with the way it is alone
Known or not, you do when your alone
You don't have to show you love because you're alone
You decided to chose, chose to be alone
You don't have to worry about anybody if you're alone
No need to love anyone if you're alone
You will not suffer alone
Life turns black and white for you alone
But the color that matters when you're alone?
I believe in the full life alone
A true alone is that you are never alone
Why do you have you have everything and not alone
All that's left, what do you miss?

¹Trecho de Lost da Katy Perry: http://letras.terra.com.br/katy-perry/1222790/traducao.html


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