I want to be your air.

Posted by Thiago Santana on 08:37
Texto feito em 26/05/10,
nunca postado por falta de algo,
mas devido a acontecimentos futuros
e do presente também, estou postando

I want to be your air
Their way of life
enter and leave you
every time I want
Be his greatest desire
Got you on my lips
Cherish you in my hands
Want to be the master of his soul,
of his life and his destiny and his heart.
I want all you can give me
in the amount and right size
As long as you can in the time you want
Just show me you want me
Let me know that I invade your mind
I am for you a sweet poison
But you can not already do not enjoy
Swallow me like a cigarette, consuming me
Kill me will, of wanting to kill me
Be my master, my trainer
But if you're still afraid
If you do not feel safe
Let me try, do not run!
I just want to be your air.


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